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July 16, 2013


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Today is September 26th, the due date is September 27th, NO EXTENSIONS!
Currently, there are 11 submissions, and 24 participants (you can still join in if you're interested n_n)



Ending Date:  September 27th 11:59am  EST
Winners Announced: September 29th
Accepted Art Forms: Digital and Traditional 
How to take part: Just message me below that you're up for it!


For this contest, you are going to choose a short story (SEE STORIES BELOW), and draw a picture portraying the scene.  The whole scene doesn't have to be drawn out, and you can just do one image in particular that stands out to you. Really, it's just a "Draw what this story inspires you to draw" type of deal. 

Winner Will Be Chosen Based Off Of: Is the emotion of the setting shown?, are the emotions of the characters shown?, did you interpret the story into a picture or draw something completely off base?, and how complete is the work? Skill level will be taken into account, but I understand that not everyone is freakishly talented.  If you give it your best, and your picture portrays the story better than someone who has a higher skill level, you will be taken into higher consideration. 
I'll be the only one judging, but I'll be getting y'alls opinions in a few polls ;) 

(Some of these stories are used from my previous contest, that was closed. So if 3 out of these 6 look familiar that's why ;) )
-  - Meeting with the godsHer bare feet hit the forest floor, mud and dirt clinging to them as she sprinted through the woods. Tears were streaming down her face, her hair wildly flowing behind her as she ran. She was going to miss him! She had been waiting for this moment her whole life, a moment she hadn't told a soul about, and now that it was here, she was going to miss it. 
She had found the clearing on accident, hidden away in the dense forests, tucked back away from a world that was becoming more and more crowded with people and technology. It was a sanctuary, only able to be found by those who knew where to look, or who stumbled there by chance, and didn't understand the meaning of the place. She was just a girl, in the only place in the forest that was clear enough where you could look up and see the blue sky. The light had hit the stones just right, and as she stood there, the gods had appeared. Owl faced creatures with grass-like hair, small, fat ones with moon colored skin, foxes with the eyes
- A Question of MoralsThe white walls around him were the only thing he knew as home. While most grew up with a dog, or a cat, or some form of love and affection, all he knew were these four walls.  There were no hugs or kisses goodnight, or caring looks when he did something good. There were only sterile tables, a cold bed, and the doctor. The one who came in, talked to him, watched him draw pictures of the things he could only see in the occasional book he was allowed to have. She would sit in her chair, ask him questions as she observed him, make notes when he said something, made checks when he said others. He didn't know what she was writing, but he always hoped that she was pleased with him.
It wasn't a bad life, in fact, he was happy. Or at least, he thought he was. He wasn't exactly sure if he had experienced that emotion, or if he was just feeling what the doctor described as happiness.
He sat on his bed, his legs tucked under him as he stared up at the little blinking box (what had she called
 - A moment of privacyWilliam always loved the way the sun reflected off of Liri's black feathers, catching dark blues and purples, shimmering like scales of a fish. There was something exotic about the way her feathers melted into her olive skin, trailing down her spine, and stopping right as her back arched into a soft curve. His eyes lingered on the small of her back, going over the curve of her backside, smiling to himself. In all honesty, he loved looking at her in general.
She turned her head with a smile on her lips as she caught him admiring her. "You're staring again." she said, reaching over and running a hand through his dark blonde hair, "What are you thinking about this time?"
William gave a content smile, closing his eyes as her finger tips brushed across his cheek, stroking through his hair like she was petting a cat. "Same thing I'm always thinking about when it comes to you." he said, opening one eye, grinning. 
She smiled back, scooting closer, her skin breaking out in goosebumps as h
- Secret's Out"What are we, William?" his question hung between the pair of them, going unanswered longer than it should have. Even as William opened his mouth to speak, he didn't have the answer he knew his friend wanted.
"They're saying we're angels." William tried the words out, frowning as he said them. He never did like the sound of that; them being angels. He frowned, looking down, "I guess, when all is said and done, it's for the best that they see us like that...."
Christopher snorted, looking out the window down into the yard, watching their flock from William's study. He clenched his jaw, his tone bitter, "Must be God's idea at a cruel joke then." William didn't argue as he watched him in silence, not sure what to say to calm him down.  Chis shook his head, words hissing out his mouth, "Besides my brother, and maybe Kat, we can't fly. We're flawed, broken pieces of some puzzle that no one knows the answer to."
William frowned taking a moment to collect his thoughts, and level himself
Light in the DarknessThe streets were barren as the man moved silently through them, pulling his old coat to his shivering chest. Newly formed puddles were getting harder to avoid as the rain fell down around him and soon, his pant legs were soaked.  The rain, however, wasn't the worse of his problems.
The sky was nearly black with clouds, making the shadows stretch out, giving new homes for the creatures to hide. The monsters that lingered there were an old race, ones who saw humans as nothing more than a next meal, or a new toy. The moment the sky grew dark, they were there, waiting to snatch their next victim. Everyone was supposed to pretend that this new future held some sort of harmony between them and the human race, but those who lived in the underbelly of the city knew better.
He let out a huff, his breath smoking out in the cold like his soul leaving his body.  Sometimes he wondered what the point was to this useless existence he called a life.  When he looked back on this night, h

(Want to donate some prizes? Comment below, let me know!)

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Artwork By |  =jax-chan, =TheBritishGeek & Mishigu

This is going to be for the person who only just made the cut. 
You'll earn a feature on my main page for 3 days along side the winners of the challenge, as well as a special shout out when the winners are announced. (so basically you win face time XD)

It is YOUR job to contact the artist, and hold yourself accountable for giving them their prizes. 



- Artwork must be NEW. Meaning you cannot submit anything that is currently in your gallery to be judged.
- This is a "hold yourself accountable" contest.  Sorry, but no extensions.  All artwork will be due by 11:59pm E.S.T., September 27th, 2013.
- Artwork must be COMPLETELY ORIGINAL. Referencing stock photos is perfectly acceptable, but referencing other people's artwork or cartoons for poses/setting, isn't allowed. If you use stock images, please follow the proper rules on the stock person's page ;). Also, bases, tracings, and templates are not allowed to be used.  
- Photographs, cosplays, written work, photomanipulations, or any other art form besides digital and traditional drawings are not going to be accepted. There will be a contest in the future for any art form, but for now, this is just to see y'alls drawing/painting abilities! 
Judging will not be based off of skill level alone, but on how well you portrayed the scene/characters. 
- You can do one picture per story, but I'd like for you to really take the time and effort into whichever story speaks the loudest to you. Remember, it's not, who can submit the most, or the fastest. The more completed and thought out the work, the better chance I am to pick it.

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