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Hello crazy deviants!  I'm just giving a shout out to keep y'all updated as to what's been going on in the day and the life of Jack!

- Work -

As a couple of you guys know, I had to quit my job at Barnes and Noble (which trust me, this was SUCH a bitch to do. I cried over it, I was so depressed), mostly because my school is wrapping up and I have some training to get done before I can become a certified veterinarian assistant.  I also started teaching dance/color guard at a high school near by, and we're having contests starting next week.  Most, if not all of my creativity has been going into choreographing for them, but I've been trying to get some artwork up so you guys can kind of see how I'm progressing.

- Writing -

Since my goal is to have at least one story outlined and set up as a rough draft this year (not because I want to be some super amazing author or anything, just because it's a goal to get published before I'm 30), I'll be doing a lot more of this.  I was thinking about opening up a separate account for my writing, while keeping my writer's cafe updated, but I wasn't sure if I should split it up, when I already have a pretty decent following on this jack account.  Since I can't do a poll, if I could get y'all opinion on this that'd be great.

Should I open up a separate account for my writing, or keep everything on here? 

- ART -

I'm going to be doing a kind of big project here, coming up, as well as ordering prints from a print company.  I'll post up an actual advertisement for that here in the near future, but I'll be also putting up a pretty big auction here for not only commissions, but for a serious finished art work, and maybe even a monster high doll or two, for those of you who are interested.

- Fun -

As I've made clear by now, firefrost and I do a lot together. Like...a LOT. We've literally talked to each other almost every day for the past 7 years, give or take. Problem is? We've never met face to face. Sure, we've talked on the phone, and sent pictures of our lives and stuff to one another, but her living in Alaska, and me living in Texas is kind of a bitch of a commute to have a movie night.

This kind of goes hand in hand with my art stuff, as far as why I'm trying to get some of my paintings/drawings out the door, simply because going to Alaska isn't exactly cheap. It's not as bad as like Hawaii, but still.  I'd like to have some extra spending money, and some extra cash for the ticket as well, so any and all commissions coming up soon are going to be going towards that trip. 

Again I'll be bringing this up again, once I kind of make a big announcement starting in February. Keep an eye out!!


Came up with ten reviews in total, so please take a look at the ones that were just posted and spread the love! 

albino asshole by GnawedBones Coffindweller by GnawedBones maybe by GnawedBones
I picked Mitchett Carvor for this feature, because I love seeing well done albino characters. Some people tend to make an albino character and forget to really do anything besides the white hair and pale skin, and don't give them anything that makes their character unique just besides their appearance. This little undead beauty makes me so evilly happy >). That and you really can tell how his style has improved and changed over the times he's drawn him. 

2. TheBritishGeek - :iconthebritishgeek:
Fortune Favors the Brave by TheBritishGeek Exhaustion by TheBritishGeek Xavier and the Boys by TheBritishGeek
The last time I did this, I picked Svae, but I wanted to look through and pick a different one, because ALL her OC's are freaking amazing. I settled on Cary! One because his FC as Asa Butterfield is PERFECT, two, because LOOK AT THAT TRIO!! FREAKING BEST TRIO EVER, and three, cause POWER HANDS. XD I really love his design <3

3. AmyCheshireHansen - :iconamycheshirehansen:
Toxin 2 by AmyCheshireHansen Toxin by AmyCheshireHansen Toxin - 1st Open Canvas by AmyCheshireHansen
I'm a big fan of chemical characters, or characters who know a thing or two about chemicals X3. I also enjoy the hair color/style. Definitely love seeing the way this character is going to develop! Like everyone, I love how much her style changes with every drawing of her, especially how her outfit keeps changing, but still keeps with the common theme

4. hopebringer-jem :iconhopebringer-jem:
Ivy by hopebringer-jem 8. Innocence-Ivy Redone by hopebringer-jem
Yes, of course, I'm picking a character with wings! I've always liked her drawing of this OC, mostly because of the playful attitude Ivy shows, and also because of the color choices.  I don't have a lot of pink on my characters, but I really enjoy seeing it on other people's OC's! 

5. indi-dere :iconindi-dere:
I'll kick your damn ass by indi-dere Violet being coolio by indi-dere Violet by indi-dere
Purple hair and a cyber chick? Oh yes please.  I really love this character, mostly because of the reason I love a lot of people's oc's, because she shows how awesome Indi's gotten at drawing!  But no, in my favorite theme of cute/pretty girls kicking butt (mmmm...Buffy is definitely a favorite chick), I love how she's girly, but also someone who's talented at something she's passionate about that isn't stereotypical for girls to be into.

6. scorchalives :iconscorchalives:
Arian by scorchalives Mermaid Motel by scorchalives
I picked this lovely lady because of how much I freaking LOVE scorchalives' mermaids!!! She's so great at drawing them, and just look at the way she colors her!!! I definitely love her pink hair and those scales on her arms make me so happy!!

7. WillowLightfoot :iconwillowlightfoot:
I Just Want You to Know Who I Am. by WillowLightfoot Nicole: Born to Explore by WillowLightfoot There's Something You Should Know About Me by WillowLightfoot
PIRATE CHICK! I very much love this character's design! She draws her so well, and has her so well developed, it's hard not to love her.  Not only that, and yes, I'm sounding like a broken record here, but HOLY CRAP THE PROGRESS!!! She's obviously improved, and the character's improved over time too! I'm a huge fan <3

8. helios485 :iconhelios485:
Overburn (Robot mode) by helios485 Overburn (Beast mode) by helios485
Heck yes for robot/beast OC's. I love robot creatures and characters, but I found the design for Overburn's beast mode very original. I've seen robot after robot look EXACTLY like a character out of Transformers, but I liked the way this character has a uniqueness to it, especially in the head shape. 

9. Phoenix-FireMage :iconphoenix-firemage:
Rawr! by Phoenix-FireMage Christmas Party by Phoenix-FireMage
I LOVE dragon people. First of all, wings. Yes. I love an OC the second wings come into the picture. Second, I really like the color choices. Most people (myself included), pick either bright, loud colors, or blacks and darker ones. The gold/yellows of Drake aren't something I've personally seen on dragon OC's, so its' a nice change of pace n_n

10. PuddingValkyrie :iconpuddingvalkyrie:
Not a parrot - coloured by PuddingValkyrie Fanservice Time! by PuddingValkyrieUnicorn hugs by PuddingValkyrie
I decided to go with Tyrian from Valkyrie's Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales comic. Now, I've never been big on online comics, and this isn't anything against any artist/writer, I just have a hard time reading stuff on a screen in general (online/tablet books drive my eyes absolutely bananas after I look at them long enough). However, Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales is really a cute story, that I found entertaining enough to read through submission after submission. I definitely read some out of order, but it was still pretty straightforward enough to get the jist of what was going on. She does a great job with her comedic timing, and even has some great little descriptions at the end (and yes, I'm one of those people who wind up ignoring artist's descriptions just out of laziness). I vote go check out her work, because it's hella fun. <3

This is a reminder...
For those of you crazies who posted on my goals for this year, I'm reminding you that the first month of the year is almost over!

OSIDUS - :iconosidus:
- Get better at thumbnails and more dynamic poses.
- Get better at using Colors. 
- Learn the art of self-discipline.

indi-dere - :iconindi-dere:
-More dynamic poses and expressions
-More diversity in character appearances
-Practice animals and backgrounds

Nokinami - :iconnokinami:
-Refs for at least 2 characters
-Get some plot rolling
-get rid of 'braintrash' whenever I can

Laitma - :iconlaitma:
-Finish the other 6-7 illustrations for my Calendar Project! 
-Complete at least one Iris chapter/comic/thing!! 
-Get a paid internship/job this summer!
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